Cyber Security & Forensics
RE-Thought for BI
Advanced cyber business intelligence tool

We are aware of the obscurity around Cyber Security, but we understand
its importance from the first hand.

What drives us

Cyber Security & Cyber Forensics are often being perceived as intimidating & regulatory part of the business that is not bringing profit nor direct value. As such, they are rarely in the front lines. This view is understandable, as bad news of cyber breaches and accompanying high fines flood the tech news.
In Abstract, we have been working in Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics for many years, and from this side, things look far more bright - Cybersecurity, used well, can help decision-makers better understand the business environment, it can offer invaluable insights into competitor's standings, and, in its core form, it keeps businesses running safely.
We work to bring these important but overlooked insights to the conference rooms and meetings, and make a real difference by shedding a light on information that was insofar visible only for few.

Why it matters

We are dedicated to bringing more transparency to online business. Abstract enables everyone to have a look behind the curtains, and see companies on the internet as they are.
This will bring about a new level of consciousness in business, but also in engineering - we want everyone who is building an online business to be aware of this transparency from the very beginning and thus incorporate best practices into the project development. In the long run, transparency and better engineering will enable a safer online business environment and more opportunities worth pursuing.

What is in there for all

We want to help organisations worldwide that are working for the safety and transparency of the web.
As tweets sway public opinions, fake news redefine democracy, fraudulent medications and car parts sold online endanger public health and safety, and malicious hackers threaten online economy - our societies stand in need of ever more pro-active caution and usable knowledge of cybersecurity & forensics.
We believe that by empowering businesses and organisations to understand, analyse and map their cyber environments, we will accomplish our mission of safer web for all.