Advanced cyber business intelligence tool
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Abstract employs Cyber Security and Big data to help you understand your business landscape,
by revealing interconnections and cyber standings of any online entity.


Connected entities | A complete picture
Abstract maps online infrastructure of targeted domain, and all relevant interconnections between websites, companies, servers, emails, social media accounts, and more.
Our overview of interdependencies within whole network of connected online entities provides complete picture of one’s online doings, and gives new perspective into online business transparency.
Non-technical UI | Cyber Security for decision making
Abstract is for everyone - no need to understand nuances behind works of DNS, servers or cyber security in broader sense.We focus to present what matters most - key business metrics and conclusions, user-friendly and interactive graphs and charts, and executive reports written in non-technical, concise manner.
Cyber Ratings |  Every detail counts
Our rating system takes into account target’s own cyber security posture, and cyber risk status of their connections and dependencies.At core of our Risk assessment there are more than 1500 data sets and vectors. Result of employment of Big data sets are precise, insightful reports that are driving data backed decision making.
Monitoring | Real time insights
Abstract helps you keep an eye on ever changing cyber environment. Today's vulnerability is tomorrow's breach, with widespread effect on multiple subjects, often affecting even most remote entities in the interconnected world of web. Similarly, small change on a remote, yet linked subject could indicate significant event with far-reaching consequences - the sooner you know the better chance you stand to make a meaningful move.

Process & Technology beyond abstract

Abstract is gathering data form 1.500 public and exclusive sources, including public databases, metadata like geo-location, historical security data and much more.
Our proprietary ML algorithms are categorizing, curating and processing all collected data, thus creating new information and further enriching it with Cyber Security data.
Abstract UI is essential for the comprehension of a big amount of data. Our powerful diagrams enable users to easily manipulate output data and focus on relevant information.

Use cases & solutions

Cyber Risk insurance

Precise and relevant cyber risk insurance score

Assessment of cyber risk based on de-facto cyber standing of a prospective client - Go beyond official business reports to establish a thorough understanding of actual risk one online company is exposed to.

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Cyber risk for banks

The most accurate cyber risk credit ratings

Cyber risk is critical to contemporary underwriting - Understanding the online operations of a prospective client means going beyond financial metrics.

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Brand protection

Advanced brand protection & investigation tool

Removing counterfeit goods from the web means trying to cure the symptoms - Understanding the counterfeiter's network means treating the cause of the issue.

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