Find all links in supply and distribution chain of counterfeits

Removing counterfeit goods from web means trying to cure the symptoms - understanding the counterfeiters network means treating the cause of the issue.
Exponential growth of e-commerce catalyses the growth of the counterfeit industry
Growth and development of E-Commerce websites established an entire ecosystem for distribution of fake goods - Internet offers an uncontrolled, easily accessible playground for counterfeit supply, marketing and distribution, often on such a large scale, that even major marketplaces, such are Amazon and eBay, can do little to prevent or punish it.
As technology is advancing, so are the techniques Counterfeiters use to hide their activities evolving too. In response to ever-growing harm they experience from counterfeits, from direct financial damage to user trust loss, Brands are increasingly investing in human resources and technology to protect their Intellectual Property and Brand reputation.
Major advances have been made in the fields of Brand Protection packaging, with advanced technology including blockchain being applied to differentiate legitimate goods from the fake ones. Other commonly used technologies are Marketplace crawlers, with CF removal and legal settlement options.
These tools are targeting the consequence, while the root cause is staying unaffected - to find a sustainable solution for the issue, brands need to understand and fight an entire counterfeit network, rather than just remove or recognise fakes.
Treat the cause, not the symptoms
An effective fight against counterfeits is founded on a detailed investigation of counterfeit supply and distribution chain, collection of solid evidence and timely legal action against the perpetrators. To perform this in a traditional manner requires a large amount of human resources, highly specialised expertise, and lots of arduous manual work - with an uncertain outcome.
The major challenge is to uncover reliable connections between suspicious items or websites and organisations that stand behind its production and distribution - be it legal or private subjects. Online and offline investigations tend to be intertwined, where the process and outcome of one depend on the other.
Map and unveil all the links in counterfeit network
Abstract offers Brand Protection teams meticulous insight into the full network of counterfeit supply and distributions chains, entire online infrastructure, legal and financial relations between online entities, and details of physical factories/warehouses (such as geo-location) and other means of counterfeit production and distribution.
Thanks to our Machine Learning algorithm, we automatically map the whole ecosystem, saving time and resources, avoiding ‘wrong trails’ and ‘dead ends’, common for manual investigations.
This enables Brand Protection teams to redirect their resources to offline investigations with more precision and take timely and efficient legal action against the offenders, thus focusing their efforts where the core of the problem lies - the core of production and main responsible parties.
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